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Hand turned tops that delight and mesmerize
Spin-Werks is a wholesale line of hand turned wooden spinning tops.  It gives us a little break from the more demanding work of building furniture and also provides a way to use left over wood from the furniture builds.

A toy kids love and a new kind of doodling for adults. Enjoy them at your desk, the family table, or while on the phone.  If you are at all like me you will find yourself reaching for them again and again.

For retail stores that would like to purchase please download the product sheet and order form and fax them to the appropriate number. Your order will be promptly filled. Or if you have further questions don't hesitate to call either myself or my sales broker at Holm & Associates.
Every top is hand-turned from domestic hardwoods and finished with a non-toxic oil blend.  Immediately after being taken off the lathe it is spun to assure that it spins evenly and without wobble.
Made in the U.S.A.