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Custom Commissions
People commission work for a variety of reasons: they want something completely unique to them, they can't get a piece they like in the wood and the color they prefer, they want to play an active part in the choices involved at each step of the design and build process, or they just can't find anywhere the piece they see in their mind's eye. All of these are sufficient reasons to seek a custom piece. No matter what the reason, at Rob Clark Studios, I am committed to working carefully with you to realize the desired piece. Allow me to explain a little the process.

The first step is a good consult, preferably in person, but also possible over the phone and through the internet. The goal of this consult is for me to gain a good idea of the direction you are looking in your desire for a custom piece: what kind of style you prefer, what kind of wood, what kind of finish, things like that. Photos of pieces that are perhaps similar in some respects can also be helpful at this stage.

Having completed a consult, I then begin to work with possible designs, sketching out various ideas or even building mock-ups out of cheap wood and cardboard so as to work through crucial design decisions and to be certain they will look good in the final piece. Finish samples are also prepared at this point and mailed to the client so that they can be certain that the finish which will be applied to the piece suits their taste and desires. The actual build of the piece does not begin until the client is completely satisfied with the overall form and finish plan for the projected piece.

Even during the actual build questions sometimes arise as to whether we might get an even better effect if a small change is made, or a different design utilized for something like a door pull or handle. The point is that the whole of the process remains creatively alive so as to attain a furniture piece of exquisite beauty and functionality, something of which both maker and client can truly be proud.

Feel free to give us a call to see if a custom project would be right for you.
Photos from a custom chair reproduction project
The client on this job wanted a reproduction of a set of chairs purchased by her grandparents in the 1930's.  Obviously the style desired was no longer available.  The reproduction needed to match the originals both in form and finish as there were other pieces in the set that were still in fine condition and would continue to be used with it.